Shop Disney’s Pixar Toybox Action Figures – Our Video Review

Watch our review video of the ShopDisney Toy Story Toybox Action Figures featuring Buzz, Woody, and Jessie
Toy Story Toybox Toys

We are very excited to share our look at these new Pixar Toybox Action Figures featuring the likes of Buzz, Jessie, Woody —  with at least four more unique characters to be released in the future.

Each of the figures comes with 14 points of articulation and includes an accessory or action of some sort. You can get a closer look in our video review (embedded below or watch on our Pixar Post YouTube channel).

Woody comes with a removable hat and a boot with a snake accessory (how perfect). Jessie also comes with a removable hat and a lasso. Buzz doesn’t have any removable accessories, but you can manually open and close his wings for when he “falls with style!”

If you were a fan of the Disney Infinity game and its beautifully designed figures, you are certainly familiar with the look of the new Toybox line. The team took the Disney Infinity designs and modified them slightly to allow for articulation (since the Disney Infinity figures were in fixed position poses).

We couldn’t be more pleased that the designs from the game have a way to live on now. As much as the game was a blast to play, it was equally important to collect the figures because of how great the designs were — in fact, several people we knew strictly collected the figures and didn’t play the game.

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It should also be noted that although we only took a look at the Pixar figures, there is also a series of Marvel and Star Wars figures which are also fantastically built and would be great to display and play with. Check them out on ShopDisney’s homepage.


Click the direct links below to purchase these figures exclusively at ShopDisney.

UPDATED – ShopDisney has slightly updated the figures and they come with even more accessories, you can check out all of the latest Toy Story Toybox figures on the ShopDisney site.


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  1. The whole line honestly is way better than anyone gives it credit for. Jessie and Woody themselves are some of the best in terms of articulation and materials used, I’m very fond of them. Buzz… Not so much. Mine already has paint scuffing on his shoulders just from display, and he also can’t pose as good as I’d like. He leaves a lot to be desired.
    However, the Zurg layer playset, accessories, Bullseye, and compatibility with the other brands really makes this a gem I think a lot of people slept on. I’m glad other people are still talking about these figures.

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