Wonderfully Designed ‘Toy Story’-Themed Room Within Disney’s Golden Oak Community

Check out this beautifully designed Toy Story-themed room from Disney’s Golden Oak community of homes.
Toy Story Golden Oak

The Golden Oak Community of homes, born from the minds of Walt Disney Imagineering, is a collection of luxury homes located just minutes away from Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Each custom-built home starts at $2 Million dollars and upon completion, the community will consist of approximately 290 individual homes.

Among the homes already built, Wacky World Studios was contracted to design several Disney and Pixar-themed custom rooms — including a fantastically designed Toy Story room. The room features a giant Woody statue, a cleverly hidden television inside an Etch A Sketch frame, and our personal favorite, the Tinkertoy set in the vaulted ceiling — among many more features. Check out a video preview of the room embedded below from Wacky World Studios’ YouTube channel.

Do you have a custom Pixar-themed room as well? Let us know by sharing your design in the Pixar Post Forum.

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