Looking For the Perfect Fireplace Video This Holiday Season? Check Out This Toy Story Themed Yule Log

Check out this fun Toy Story Fireplace video to watch while having a holiday party or opening gifts
Toy Story Fireplace

Are you looking for that perfect fireplace video to play on your TV while having a holiday party, or maybe while opening presents? Well, the official Disney fan club, D23, has uploaded a Christmas yule log hour-long video featuring many familiar faces.

Throughout the video featuring a burning log, gifts, and a Luxo Jr. ball, you’ll be able to spot Jessie, Mr./Mrs. Potato Head, Buzz, Woody, Ken, Trixie, and many, many more characters from Toy Story 3 as they pop onto the screen for a few moments (so far, we’ve spotted 21 different animations). Check out the video embedded below.

As a side note, it looks like these are the same toolkit and promotional animations which were used during the Toy Story 3 run — and also some of the same animations on the Apple Watch.

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