‘Inside Out’ Character Profiles: Anger, Joy, Disgust, Fear and Sadness – Updated

Inside Out Emotion Posters

Yesterday, the first character profile poster from Inside Out featuring Sadness was released. We drooled over Sadness’s hair details and mentioned that we couldn’t wait to see the character profiles for the remaining emotions. Well today, the remaining four character profiles for Disgust, Fear, Joy, and Anger were released – rounding out the emotional team members. Check out all of the profile posters below.

Similar to our feelings about Sadness in yesterday’s post, the profiles for the new emotions are absolutely stunning. The details and particulate matter are just so brilliant and we cannot wait to see these characters with their squash and stretch movements to see how the particles leave a ghost trail as they move.


UPDATED – The profile videos for JoySadnessAngerFear, and Disgust, have all been posted and updated below.

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  1. You bet, the details are stunning! I would guess that they appear 3D based on how they shaded the points/dots! I also cannot wait to hear more about how this is all achieved! Crazy stuff for sure! Anger is certainly up there, but I think I'm connecting with Fear so far!

  2. Absolutely love them! These characters are becoming much more iconic to me and I can soon see them being just as instantly recognizable as Mcqueen & Mater, Mike & Sulley, Wall-E & Eve, etc…can't wait for more footage, we've really seen close to nothing still with this film. Bring on a full trailer soon! 🙂

  3. I love these! The closer looks at all the characters was what blew me away! Like you guys mentioned, the details are just so incredible. When I looked closely, it looked like the little circular particles are not even 3-D! They look mostly cartoon to me, so how does the character appear three-dimensional? Or maybe that's just me. I am so interested to find out how they accomplished all those particles! The characters just look really incredible. I love all of the poses for the characters in these posters and the international posters, especially for Anger, who is beginning to become my favorite character!

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