Check Out the New ‘Onward’ Standee — In Theaters Now!

Check out the epic theatrical Onward standee in theaters now.
Pixar Onward Theater Standee Display

While Pixar’s upcoming film, Onward isn’t set for its theatrical release until March 6, 2020, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a glimpse of the film in theaters right now — well, in the form of a standee that is. This epic Onward film standee was spotted by our friend Jace Diehl and features numerous characters, from the dumpster unicorns to the mighty Manticore, this marketing piece by Drissi Advertising is epic and full of great detail.

Have you seen the new Onward standee in your local theater yet? Be sure to share your photos with us and tag us on social media or in our Pixar Post Forum.

Pixar Post — Julie

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