‘Onward’ Toys Are Popping up on Shelves – Minis, Plush, Action-Figures and More [In-Store Video]

Toys from Pixar’s Onward are popping up on store shelves. Take a look at some of the first wave of action-figures and plush from our local store.
Pixar's Onward Mattel Figures of Ian, Barley and Wilden

It may be approximately two months from hitting the big screen, but toys for Pixar’s film Onward are arriving on shelves, and we were in-store to record our look at some of the first wave of plush, action-figures, and mini-figures. Check out additional photos, details, and a quick-preview video below.


Even when approaching the aisle at our local Target, we absolutely loved the detail Mattel put into the packaging of the toys. We smiled right away when seeing the “Manticore’s Tavern” Quest Pack featuring Ian, Barley, and Corey the Manticore. This package is themed to look like Corey’s restaurant, complete with cut-out parapets at the top of the box (the tooth-like top of castle walls). Watch our video embedded below or directly on our YouTube channel.

The figures include great facial expressions and fun details like Barley’s patches (decals) on his vest, the wizard staff, and more. We were really excited that they made an action figure of Corey as the Manticore is going to be so much fun to play with since she’s full of comedic moments and high action.

Pixar's Onward Mattel Figures of Ian, Barley and Wilden

Wilden (Ian and Barley Lightfoot’s Dad) was also a fantastic figure that we’re glad was produced. Not only will all of these toys be great to play with because you’ll be able to use your imagination while casting spells, but you’ll also have all the elements (complete with two Sprite characters included with Wilden) to recreate the chase scenes.

The only thing we’re wondering, though, is since the figure for Wilden is in his half-revived form if we’ll ever be able to meet Ian and Barley’s Dad officially in the film. If so, will we get the complete figure (along with Laurel — their Mom) in the second wave of releases (most likely once the film hits theaters on March 6, 2020)?


How adorable are these plush toys? The Ian plush is so darn cute — they captured a great look of the character in a scaled-down, almost more youthful look in his signature red and black plaid shirt. We’re so glad that they also released the Unicorn (which we’re affectionately calling the Trash Unicorn) and Corey. There will also be a plush of the rough-and-tumble sprite named, Dewdrop and Barley coming soon.

Pixar Onward Plush Toys with Ian, The Manticore and Unicorn


We also couldn’t get enough of the Minis packaging and the theme of the characters in general within this series. We are collectors of the Toy Story minis and really enjoy that Mattel carried this line through to Onward

Pixar Onward Minis close up photo

Each of the 12 figures is individually packaged in a blind bag themed to look like Barley’s trusty van, named Guinevere — so neat! There are also some ride vehicles to go along with the minis as well (not shown here), with Ian in a different pose (without the staff) and a ride-in Guinevere van (2-pack), as well as two different Sprites and a Motorcycle (3-pack)

We’ll be sharing a lot more coverage of the mini-figures coming soon in our separate unboxing video showing all the close-up details of the characters. Stay tuned for photos and the reveal of the bag codes from each figure as well.

Pixar Onward Mini Figures in box

Let us know which Onward toys you’re most excited about below — or let us know what other Onward toys you’ve seen in stores! We can’t wait to continue to share it all with everyone.

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