New ‘Onward’ Trailer Will Pull at Your Heartstrings at the Thought of Time Running Out

The new Disney Pixar Onward trailer will pull at your heartstrings at the thought of time running out.
Onward Ian sits with Wilden overlooking the Ocean

Pixar released the second official trailer for Onward today, featuring moments of peril, laughter, and the realization of time running out. The nearly 2-and a half minute trailer is jam-packed with new footage, and story details — including a peek at a concrete-like dragon.

Just as in the previous trailer and teasers, the footage frames out the yearning of the Lightfoot brothers wanting to see their father one more time — or in the case of Ian, for the very first time. One of the most poignant and heart-wrenching scenes from the new trailer features Ian and Dad sitting atop a cliff looking out at the sea with the sun setting. The lighting is stunning and gives you a sense of hope, however, from the body language of Ian, it appears that all hope may be lost — or is it?

What about that concrete-like dragon? Could this be the curse that Corey, the Manticore forgot to mention to the Lightfoot brothers? In the trailer you can see how the dragon appears to be pieces of Ian’s school — however, could it be made up of pieces from Ian’s life that make him uneasy or nervous? This new trailer has given us so many new looks at the film but has brought us so many more questions and we cannot wait to see the film in its entirety on March 6, 2020.

Onward Magic in a Cave


In addition to the trailer release, Pixar has also unveiled another Onward poster featuring the Lightfoot brothers, various characters and multiple scenes from their ‘grand and glorious’ quest. Honestly, the team keeps outdoing themselves with all of these theatrical, character and teaser posters — they are all so visually appealing.

Onward Payoff Movie Poster

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