Pixar’s Latest SparkShort ‘Wind’ is so Much More Than Meets the Eye – A Story of Sacrifice, Hope and Immigration

Although Pixar’s latest Sparkshort, Wind may seem like a sci-fi world crafted by writer/director, Edwin Chang, it is so much more than that.
Pixar Sparkshort Wind Concept Art

What makes storytelling and art so engaging? Although a story can be crafted completely from ones imagination, it can also be born out of a personal experience.

On the surface, Pixar’s latest SparkShort, Wind, (released December 13, 2019 on Disney+) may appear to be created completely from Writer/Director Edwin Chang’s imagination. But, after reading a wonderful interview with Edwin and Jesus Martinez (Producer) via the San Francisco Gate, the short took on an immensely greater weight when we watched it a second time.

Pixar Wind Grandmother and Grandson

The world of the two main characters (Grandmother and Grandson) may seem desperate, dark, or even bleak as they plot how to escape their trapped existence. The duo reside in a deep cavern with many obstacles in the way of their escape, but this is really more of a visual metaphor setting up the main story surrounding sacrifice, hope, and immigration. 

Although there are moments that mirror Bing Bong’s selfless act when helping Joy escape the memory dump in Inside Out, this story definitely take a different route.

Pixar Wind Concept Artwork
Concept artwork by Ernesto Nemesio

Chang notes in the San Francisco Gate article, 

The story itself at its core is an immigration story,” says Chang, whose grandmother and father fled from North to South Korea during the war. His father then immigrated to the US and had to leave his grandmother behind. Eventually she rejoined them, but the separation left an impression on Chang.

Martinez also had a very eye-opening comment in the article which brilliantly reminds us not to forget those that came before us.

If everyone reaches far enough in their history, there’s one person that propelled the family forward and gave up a lot of their own opportunities,” says Martinez. “I hope people remember that person, because that gives you introspection about what you’re doing for the next generation.

Pixar Wind Edwin Chang

Of course, it’s great to understand those connections on a deeper level now, but our only concern is that people may not appreciate this upon first glance and not understand the full weight of this great entry into the SparkShort catalog — but, once you get it, wow! Share this short film and their story with others and be sure to read the San Francisco Gate article for even more great concept art and details from Edwin and Jesus.

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UPDATED – we also wanted to include a great video interview Edwin did with Tested.

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