‘Toy Story 4’ Editor Axel Geddes Honored with ACE Award Nomination

Pixar editor Axel Geddes honored with ACE Award nomination for ‘Toy Story 4’.
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The 2019/2020 award season is well underway, with Toy Story 4 receiving an additional honor as editor, Axel Geddes is nominated for an American Cinema Editors (ACE) award. The American Cinema Editors is an honorary society of film editors that was founded back in 1950. The annual ACE awards are voted based on the professional achievement and dedication to editing.

The history behind the ACE Awards category for Best Edited Animated Feature Film began in the 2010 award season with Pixar Animation Studios claiming the top honor, five out of the last ten years. See below for a complete ACE Awards history of the Best Edited Animated Feature Film category winners.

Best Edited Animated Feature Film (HISTORICAL)

  • 2010: Up – Kevin Nolting
  • 2011: Toy Story 3 – Ken Schretzmann and Lee Unkrich
  • 2012: Rango – Craig Wood
  • 2013: Brave – Nicholas C. Smith and Robert Grahamjones
  • 2014: Frozen – Jeff Draheim
  • 2015: The Lego Movie – David Burrows and Chris McKay
  • 2016: Inside Out – Kevin Nolting
  • 2017: Zootopia – Fabienne Rawley and Jeremy Milton
  • 2018: Coco – Steve Bloom
  • 2019: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Robert Fisher Jr.
Gabby Gabby and Benson in Toy Story 4

The nominees for the Best Edited Animated Feature Film are below. The 70th Annual ACE Awards will take place on January 17, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Best Edited Animated Feature Film (CURRENT YEAR)

  • Frozen 2 — Jeff Draheim
  • I Lost My Body — Benjamin Massoubre
  • Toy Story 4 — Axel Geddes

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