Have You Heard? ‘Incredibles 2’ Is Back in Theaters This Labor Day Weekend

Celebrate this Labor Day weekend by watching ‘Incredibles 2’ as it returns to theaters for an encore performance.
Mr. Incredible with Jack-Jack in Incredibles 2

Are you ready to “Suit up” and watch your favorite ‘Supers’ back in action on the big screen?  Incredibles 2 is set to return to theaters this Labor Day Weekend, in fact, some theaters have extended the showtimes to last an entire week. The encore theatrical release of the film will no doubt add to the already groundbreaking performance the film has sustained since its opening day back on June 15. After only 46 days in the theater, Incredibles 2 reached the $1 Billion mark on July 31 (faster than any animated film).

As of today, Incredibles 2 has grossed a worldwide total of $1.14 Billion, right behind Minions $1.15 Billion, and sitting in the number one spot is Frozen with a worldwide gross of $1.2 Billion. As Incredibles 2 sets to re-release in theaters domestically, the film has yet to premiere in Italy and Germany (both set for September). This makes us wonder if Incredibles 2 will dethrone Frozen and take the top spot as the highest-grossing animated film of all-time. What are your thoughts? Share with us and other Pixar fans in the comments below or in the Pixar Post Forum.

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