‘Incredibles 2’ is Now the 2nd Highest Grossing Animated Film of All Time — Will it also Surpass ‘Frozen’?

Incredibles 2 has become the second highest grossing animated film of all time over the Memorial Day weekend. Will it surpass Frozen?
Incredibles 2 family getting ready for action

Just last Friday, we wrote that Incredibles 2 would be heading back to theaters for the Labor Day weekend and that it was getting close to surpassing Minions in terms of box office revenue totals. Well, the Labor Day weekend was good to the super-film as it has surpassed Minions‘ $1,159.4 Billion in worldwide box office and now stands at $1,166.3 Billion.

Incredibles 2 is by far the largest grossing domestic film at $602.3 Million (next closest film is Finding Dory at $486.3 Million), but it still trails Frozen in the worldwide box office — Frozen stands at $1,276.5 Billion. Does Incredibles 2 have enough wind at their backs to garner an additional $110.2 Million in order to overtake the icy fantasy film? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Incredibles 2 concept artwork character lineup

There are two markets in which Incredibles 2 hasn’t opened — Italy (September 19) and Germany (September 27). Looking at the past history of revenue in those markets for all Pixar films since Toy Story 3 (2010), the averages are $17.9 for Germany and $14.2 for Italy.

If Incredibles 2 made the average pull for those two countries ($32 Million total), it would be approximately $78 million away from Frozen. Of course, the film will still be pulling in revenue from other markets during this time, but it more than likely will keep its stellar ranking as the second-highest-grossing animated film (and 17th highest-grossing film — across all film genres)!

As we noted when the film crossed over the $1 Billion milestone, this is a major accomplishment and the team has more than blown away audiences with their action-packed film. Congratulations again, Pixar on the feat and new ranking!

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