Watch a Sneak Peek of Jack-Jack Vs. The Raccoon from ‘Incredibles 2’

Watch the entire Jack-Jack vs. The raccoon scene from ‘Incredibles 2’ and pre-order your copy today.
Jack-Jack and Raccoon

If you’ve seen Incredibles 2, you know that Jack-Jack is an absolute scene-stealer. From Bob finally discovering some of Jack-Jack’s powers to the hilarious fight scene with a burglarizing raccoon. Today, Pixar released the entire 3-minute scene of Jack-Jack vs. the raccoon, and we’ve just gotta say, our day has been made!

Did you know that this scene was originally supposed to be slotted into the first film? It’s true, Teddy Newton originally conceived of the scene while working on The Incredibles, but they never found a way to slot it into the story properly — and more importantly, they weren’t able to execute the scene from a technical standpoint. Although computers might not have been where they needed to be in 2004 when the first film came out, we’re so glad it ended up being held until this release. How amazing did Jack-Jack’s powers look?! In our many theatrical viewings of the film, this scene just got better and better each time.

Our favorite Jack-Jack moment came when he had the raccoon wrapped up in the patio chair — the way the flames exploded off of him in a rage and how the other chairs ignited as he approached the raccoon was the perfect blend of realistic-looking film and comedic storyline. So, why are his powers so random and ever-changing? While we were attending the press days at Pixar Animation Studios for the film, the team joked that it was probably because he was teething!

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