‘Cars 3’ First Official Domestic & International Posters Released

Check out the first dramatic Cars 3 domestic and international posters featuring Lightning McQueen’s tragic crash and beach race.
Cars 3 Official Poster

Last week the dramatic Cars 3 teaser trailer was released, stunning fans with its dramatic shift in the tone for the franchise – ranging from the theme of slowing down (Cars), to a spy-inspired film (Cars 2), to the end of an era as McQueen begins to age out of the sport he dominated for years (Cars 3).

The new teaser and dramatic tagline of “From this moment, everything will change” proves that no matter how fast Lightning may be, he cannot outrun life’s greatest equalizer – time.

Cars 3 Official Beach Poster

While the domestic poster (via Yahoo! Movies) mirrors the feel of the teaser trailer with sparks flying, the international poster highlights McQueen speeding down the beach, sending water flying. What are your thoughts on the first official posters? Leave a comment below or chat about it with other fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

Directed by: Brian Fee
Produced by: Kevin Reher
Supervising Animator: Bobby Podesta

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