Updated ‘Coco’ Teaser Poster, Logo & Music Updates

The Pixar film, Coco, had recently updated it’s logo and now they have updated their official teaser poster as well.
Coco Teaser Poster

When the original logo for Coco was revealed during the 2015 D23 Expo it featured a flourished film title and skull image against a vignetted blue background. The updated Coco logo was released last week and now the updated teaser poster has been updated as well. In addition to the crossed guitars replacing the skull, the date at the bottom was updated from “Fall 2017” to “November 22, 2017”. 

Original Coco Logo
Original Coco Logo

Along with the logo change, Lee Unkrich noted earlier in the month that he was headed to Mexico to work on recording music for the film. Lee’s commitment to authenticity in the film is unquestionable and has steeped himself in the culture of the film the team is crafting.

In the photo below (according to Camilo Lara – Part of the musical recording team), Banda Tierra Mojada is the group featured below. To hear a sample of Banda Tierra Mojada playing live in the center square of Oaxaca, check out this clip from their YouTube channel.

Coco Music Recording
Recording some Oaxacan Banda music for Coco – Lee Unkrich
Coco Lee Unkrich and Camilo Lara
So incredibly lucky to have Camilo Lara on our music team – Lee Unkrich

Unkrich also tweeted a photo of the recording process during the third day of his trip where a more traditional folk style of stringed-instrument (rather than the brass-style recorded on day one) was being recorded with Grupo Mono Blanco. As part of the recording session with Mono Blanco, Celso Duarte (harp player) tweeted his excitement in being part of the film’s score (thanks Pixar’s Biggest Fan in the forum for spotting Celso’s tweet).

Coco Music Recording
Day 3 of Coco music recording in Mexico: Son Jarocho with Grupo Mono Blanco

Interestingly, if you look up Son Jarocho Mono Blanco on YouTube (embedded below), you will find a song called “El Coco”. Tell us this song doesn’t sound perfect for the end credits of the film? (By saying this, we’re not hinting or suggesting anything, it just made us think that it would pair perfectly with credits rolling.)

What are your thoughts on the updated Coco teaser poster and music updates? Leave a comment below or chat about it in the Pixar Post Forum.

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