John Lasseter Honored with the 2017 Autoweek Car Culture Award

John Lasseter was recently honored by receiving the 2017 Autoweek Car Culture Award. Read more regarding the award and the upcoming, Cars 3 film here.
John Lasseter Autoweek Award

John Lasseter was recently honored by receiving the 2017 Autoweek Car Culture Award — the highest honor that the magazine gives out annually. John was selected for the award because of his automotive passion, the extreme level of detail in the Cars films as well as the next generation of automobile lovers he’s inspired.

In two recent interviews with Autoweek, John discussed his passion for all things automotive as well as a few notes from the June 16, 2017, release of Cars 3.

“The first thing with any of our movies, and especially the ‘Cars’ movies, is research. I am a stickler. I’m like a nerdy geek when it comes to details. When I get interested in a subject, I devour information on it. You learn something and it gives you 20 more questions. I always tell all my filmmaking teams, when you do your research, open your hearts, open your minds to what you’re gonna find. And if you go, ‘Oh, wow, I didn’t know that,’ then your audience is gonna say the exact same thing when they watch the movie.”

Autoweek Cars 3 Magazine

Of course, John is known for his attention to detail and that detail will certainly be able to shine through even more in Cars 3 thanks to further advancements in Pixar’s rendering systems.

“One of the exciting things about ‘Cars 3’ is that the rendering system has advanced so much since we made the first movie in 2006,” Lasseter said, referring to the computer system that takes animation from the computer to the screen. “You cannot believe how good-looking the cars are. We’ve really leaned into what the renders can do. It is staggering. Our new renderer seems like it was meant to make this movie and, oh my goodness, it looks so good.”

Additionally, John expanded a bit on Cruz Ramirez (the new trainer that Lightning works with to try and up his game).

“It’s the really emotional kind of connection and story about mentorship, about teaching,” Lasseter said. “We’ve got a great, great new female character, and it’s one of those things that we wanted to bring to this movie ‘Cars 3’ is the women and the young girls and the female audience. They’ve always loved our ‘Cars’ movies; they’ve been very, very popular. Everybody assumed they were for guys or boys. But in this one we have a very, very strong female character, Cruz Ramirez. She’s funny and clever and smart and fast. It’s exciting to surprise people with this. So I’m hoping that ‘Cars 3’ inspires a new generation to cars, to racing and to traveling and taking car trips and seeing things.”

Reading John’s comments regarding the advancements in the rendering system has us on the edge of our seats already. We can’t wait to watch Cars 3 on the big screen and from what we’ve seen in the teaser trailer, this film is going to look stunning.

Congratulations to John Lasseter and the entire Pixar crew who worked on the Cars films for receiving this high honor from Autoweek. View the complete list of 2017 Autoweek Awards recipients here.

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