Pixar Series 2 Vinylmation with Chaser and Variant details

Pixar Villain Vinylmation series 2

Fans of the first series of Pixar Vinylmation figures have been eagerly awaiting a follow-up series for quite some time, but today fans no longer have to wait as the second series has been released.

We love how this set comes with a complimentary character to match the first series – for instance, Dory matches with Nemo (from series one), Alpha matches with Dug (from series one), and so on.

With each set also comes a chaser character and if you remember the first series, King Fergus from Brave was one of the characters – so who would match up with Fergus…nope, not Merida or the twins (they’ve already been released separately). The chaser is the Witch – what a great figure!

The other really neat figure is the Mrs. Incredible Elastigirl variant (shown below). So really, the set of eight is really nine with the original and variant Mrs. Incredible!

The official set of figures is now available for purchase on the Disney Store website, or you can search eBay for individual characters as well (direct links below).

Additionally, check out the Pixar Post Forum topic related to the series 2 Vinylmation and let us know which one you’re most excited about.

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  1. I hear you on the blind bags thing – it can either be a ton of fun at first, but when you only need one or two more it's a real struggle that often leads to turning to eBay! 🙂 Because of that, we're not \”completists\” by any means for the vinyls – we just get one here and there.I haven't seen a full list of all of the Vinylmation released to-date, but that would be great to have pulled together.

  2. I collect so many Monsters U and Inc toys as it is, so I havent bought any of these. I have started thinking about collecting these though. But then you got all the variants, exclusives, chasers, etc. So I haven't started lol. Does anyone have a list of all the Vinylamtion figures released so far ? I know that there were some that were Park exclusives. Once all of my other collecting is caught up, which seems to never happen, I may venture into the vinylmation world as well. The blind bag thing has never been good to me. I bought MU minis from the UK in blind bags and ended up with tons of Mike and Sulleys and hardly any of the other characters, so it made me feel like it was a bad investment. :/

  3. Love Pricklepants! And I'm in agreement with little mikey too. We have the original Boo vinyl that came with the 9\” Sulley. It was pretty much the vinyl that got us started on collecting them!

  4. Wow – ordered up the who box…nice! It was a good time with the discount for sure! Also, I agree on some of the designs – the ones that really don't thrill me too much are Emile and Dot. It it wasn't for Little Mikey I wouldn't be excited about the Boo figure. Julie doesn't love the Elastigirl variant…but I still like it because it's a variant! 🙂 Who isn't a sucker for more rare items?!

  5. Ordered a tray last night with the 25% off. Hoping to get the chaser and the variant! I don't think the designs are as strong as that could have been, but I do like that they have dropped the set size from 12 (or more with variant) to 8 (or 9 with variant).

  6. Fantastic! Great write up. Last night I was able to order a few from DS.com with their 25% off so I'm super pumped to see who I get! Last time I had crazy luck getting the chaser on the first try to I'm hoping for that again! : ) Looking forward to keeping updated with who you get as well

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