Sneak Peek: ‘Nothing’s Impossible’ Gallery to Showcase Exclusive Pixar Posters – UPDATED 2x

WALL-E screen print Kevin Tong
Print size is 24″ x 36″ – limited to 350 prints

UPDATED March 7 – Details on the full Pixar lineup of posters from the Oh My Disney/Mondo event at SXSW have been updated at the bottom of the post. If you want to pick up any of these prints and aren’t able to make it to SXSW, your best bet is through eBay. We have also added links to each poster below so if you click them it will take you right to that poster’s search on eBay.

This year at the Annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival (held in Austin, Texas) Mondo Posters and Oh My Disney will be pairing up showcasing a gallery titled “Nothing’s Impossible”. The gallery which opens to the public during the festival on March 7 through March 11, will feature exclusive Disney and Pixar artwork from renowned Mondo artists giving fans a chance to purchase the limited edition prints.

Up screen print Kevin Tong
Print size is 24″ x 36″ – limited to 350 prints

If you are familiar with Mondo Posters, you know that their limited edition screen-printed posters sell out within minutes of each release – only adding to the excitement of owning these exclusive pieces of art. As of now, there have been a total of three Pixar-themed Mondo posters released as a sneak peek to whet every Pixar fan’s appetite. The released posters were designed by artist Kevin Tong who designed both the UP and Wall-E posters and artist Tom Whalen who designed The Incredibles poster.

In a recent interview with Wired, Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael stated:

“Disney has a special way of bringing out the magic in all of us…We hope our work sparks the imagination of both Disney and Mondo fans.”

Tom Whalen Incredibles Poster Mondo
Print size is 24″ x 36″ – limited to 325 prints

Whalen described on his website that he had been assigned The Incredibles about three years ago (stating it is one of his favorite films) but had to “table” the project due to a licensing issue. When the “Nothing’s Impossible” project was announced Whalen was given his second chance to bring his vision to life and has said he thinks that the current final rendered image for The Incredibles poster turned out better than he thinks it would have been three years ago.

This story about Whalen’s journey to create this “Incredible” poster is perfect to join the “Nothing’s Impossible” project as he proved nothing was impossible – it may have taken time and patience but nothing was impossible.

Tom Whalen Finding Nemo Poster Mondo
Print size is 24″ x 36″ – limited to 325 prints

UPDATED: Tom Whalen has just tweeted an image of an additional poster he created (also available at SXSW) – Finding Nemo!

Additionally, we also now know of these cool profile prints of Mr. Incredible and Carl Fredricksen by Mike Mitchell. Could you imagine how cool it would look having the pair of these prints framed up and looking at each other (like the image below) on your wall – wow!

Finally, this Ratatouille print by Aaron Horkey comes in a standard and variant edition.

Purchasing the Prints

Note: Pixar Post may receive a commission for items purchased through affiliate links in this article — we thank you for your support.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these prints and you weren’t able to be at SXSW, you’re best bet it finding them on eBay now. The links below are pre-populated and will take you directly to that print.

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  1. We were lucky enough to have picked up both of the new Whalen pieces as well – we're excited to add The Incredibles and Finding Nemo works!We had a reader help us out with Finding Nemo and we were very grateful – thanks to Steve!

  2. Yeah, I think The Incredibles one is going to be hot, hot, hot in this release! If you haven't taken a look at our \”Related Posts\” that we linked to above, you should check them out. We have an extremely detailed look at all of the previous releases as well as how we put the artwork to use (in our baby nursery)!

  3. No i don't have any! I've just discovered them! Can't believe I didn't know about this earlier! I would really love the toy story one but saw it was released awhile ago! I would really like the Incredibles from this release!

  4. By the way, I should also ask – do you have any of the previously released Pixar screen prints as well? Is there one from this release series that you're really keeping your eye on?

  5. Your amazing! I really hope hope hope i get at least 3! Credit card is ready! Appreciate it Pixar post!

  6. They'll only be sold at the South-by-Southwest festival in Texas…but you can bet they'll show up on eBay as soon as they're available. You'll end up paying more, but I guess you won't have to travel from Australia to get them! 🙂 We'll update this post once we start to see them pop up on eBay so you can easily link to them!If for some reason they show up for sale elsewhere, we'll let you know as well! Hope that helps! There will be a few more popping up as well, so get your wallet ready!

  7. I agree one-million percent! I love his work through-and-through and it really captures the feeling of Pixar to me. I would say that I have a little bit of worry in regards to more of these posters coming out…not because I don't love them…but because I'm running out of wall space! Plus, the cost to frame them all nicely is crazy! 😉 I guess that's a good problem though!

  8. I love love LOVE everything Whalen has done, especially Pixar-related. Hopefully the guys upstairs at Disney will give him/Mondo the artistic license to design more Pixar movie posters because they're just too awesome.

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