Extended Clip of The Blue Umbrella is Now Online

The Blue Umbrella Screencap face

Just a few days ago, we noticed that a fan of The Blue Umbrella sent a tweet to the short’s official Twitter page which asked, “please can you release the blue umbrella on dvd want to see it again so much“. Well, the official Pixar YouTube page recently uploaded an extended clip of the short which will hopefully hold fans over until the short is released in its entirety on the Monsters University blu ray, hitting shelves this fall. Beware that this clip contains spoilers if you haven’t seen the short yet.

One thing that was really exciting about the extended clip is that it shows one of the hidden items that we noticed not too long ago. In the clip, you’ll notice “blue” floating gently back into the city after he is separated from his owner. While floating down, there is a billboard that shows a yellow six-wheeled car, which is the exact poster that is on the basement wall in Monsters University during the Oozma Kappa initiation scene. We also believe that this is a representation of Mike Wazowski’s car in the dvd-short, Mike’s New Car.

The Blue Umbrella Mike's New Car Easter Egg

We had a pretty good discussion going on the hidden items in The Blue Umbrella in the comments section of our “Hidden items in Monsters University” post. Below is a screenshot of a few of the hidden references we think we have spotted so far – have you seen any others? We started a topic in the Pixar Post Forum regarding the hidden items in The Blue Umbrella in order to keep the conversation going.

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