Episode 017 of the Pixar Post Podcast – Everything D23 Expo and the Pixar Post Forum

Pixar Post Podcast Episode 17

In episode 017 of the Pixar Post Podcast we discuss:



  • How to keep organized – with our custom map and utilizing the D23 Expo app.
  • Art and Imagination Expo kickoff, featuring John Lasseter and a The Good Dinosaur preview.
  • Pixar Panels
    • Pixar: Doing our homework.
    • The Art of The Good Dinosaur.
    • Toy Story of Terror! and the motivation behind Pixar’s short-form content.
    • Women of Pixar panel.
  • Pixar Merchandise – Small Fry Buzz Lightyear, Cars Convoy Brother set, Pixar short films pin set, and the Monsters U Vinylmation 2-pack.
  • Meet and Greets with Angus MacLane and Brad Bird.
  • Other events at the Expo.
    • Disney Infinity demo.
    • World of Cars – how a die-cast car is made.
    • a la Mode Costume Contest – with Edna Mode bronze statue award.
    • Silent Auctions
  • and much, much more!

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  1. Ha! Of course – we mentioned you because we thought it was a great question. It really was! Great work and good luck on reaching your dream!

  2. Thanks for mentioning me! I was running around the house screaming. I really do hope I get into BYU so I can make some student films with other students. At the local movie theater, they show student films before the commercials.

  3. Wow – you downloaded and listened to that fast! 🙂 Thanks for the kind words again! I agree that Pete's comments about working at a small company is really great and insightful.As you know, we're really jealous of you heading to the Expo, but you will certainly have an amazing time! Have a blast and we can't wait to hear about all your adventures!

  4. Great, great, grrrrreat episode, guys! I loved the talk about working in the industry, because as you both know, I go to school for animation and want to work for Pixar. And something to point out is that when I talked to Dan Scanlon and Ricky Nierva on different occasions, they both brought up how working at a smaller studio first is a great thing so you can experiment. So I like that this is an idea that Pixar, as a whole, thinks of as well 😀 And you guys talking about all the panels, signings, and merchandise made me even more excited for D23. I'll be there all three days and all I know is that I'm gonna be a hot mess with all this Pixar goodness being thrown at me! Lol. I'll be running back and forth trying to catch it all. But seeing John is person, talking about all the upcoming films, I think already, will be the highlight of the expo for me 🙂 He's the man!

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