PartySaurus Rex Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

Partysaurus Rex at Pixar Animation Studios

One year ago today, one of the most fun, beat-dropping Pixar shorts hit theaters alongside the re-release of Finding Nemo in 3D – PartySaurus Rex! Stemming from the brain of Director, Mark Walsh, and honed by many talented individuals from Pixar and Pixar Canada, PartySaurus Rex was brought to life. We knew we would love this short the moment we caught wind of it due to Rex’s timid nature juxtaposed against the raucous elements of a rave. Things only got more exciting for us as we learned that the short would be composed by the electronic dance master, BT.

All this excitement lead Julie to want to create her own custom PartySaurus Rex…and that is where our Rex’s journey began. We took Rex all over town and even across the country in a string of wacky events prompting us to start the #FollowRex hashtag where people could follow along with his journey (summary photos from weeks one and two).

Clearly, we weren’t the only ones that fell in love with PartySaurus Rex and we often received (and still do) emails from all over the globe regarding how to buy our custom toy or the custom sweatshirt that Julie made. Due to the emails, we decided to show the process of how we made our Rex in a short “how-to” video. Following that, some amazing fans also made their own versions (shown below).

Share your favorite PartySaurus Rex moment using #WHATUPFISHES on Twitter

Be sure to share your favorite PartySaurus Rex moment using #WHATUPFISHES on Twitter. Congratulations again to the entire PartySaurus Rex team on their one-year anniversary of the hilarious short!

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