Want to Buy a Small Fry Buzz Lightyear (or Ridemakerz Lightning McQueen) From the D23 Expo? – UPDATED

Pixar Small Fry Mini Buzz Lightyear Toy

If you’re planning to attend this year’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, you know that there is no shortage of Pixar-themed events and merchandise available. Among the great selection of merchandise is the Small Fry Buzz Lightyear toy that we talked about last week in our unboxing video.

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UPDATED – The best way to pick up the Small Fry Buzz Lightyear is through eBay. Check out the current listings using our pre-filtered eBay search.

Pixar Small Fry Mini Buzz Lightyear Toy

After the video was posted, one of the biggest questions we received was, “how can I get one”? We had mentioned to people that the best way to get one was to pick one up on eBay, but luckily one of our readers (who has helped us buy items from SDCC), Kevin, will be at this year’s D23 Expo and has offered to pick them up for anyone who would like one.

All you have to do is click here (link removed – Kevin is no longer taking orders) and it will take you to a PayPal page that Kevin has set up – after you complete your transaction, you can expect to receive your Small Fry Buzz in the mail (approximately) within a week of the Expo’s completion. Kevin is asking $33.00 for each Buzz toy and that price includes the base price of the toy ($20.00), plus sales tax, plus PayPal fees, plus his handling fee to pick the item up for you. The $33.00 does not include shipping at this point because that will depend on where the item is being sent to – that amount will be billed to you after the shipping label is created (but before your Buzz is mailed).

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  1. thanks T.J. I can probably get 6, or 7 for your readers. So far no one has messaged me from your site. Always glad to help.

  2. Got one! Thanks so much Kevin! Super nice of you to do that. Looking forward to it! And thanks to the Pixar Post for posting this as well!

  3. Do you want fries with your order?..giggle. Someone could dry out real fries and no one would know the difference

  4. Fantastic – glad to help out Jenn – I hope Kevin takes great care of you! If he doesn't, let me know and we'll rough him up! Just kidding of course! 🙂

  5. hey overseas buyers: I have a decent network of overseas members in my own group, and MIGHT BE ABLE to save you huge costs on Priority Mail shipping that Paypal requires by shipping it with friends who have been on my Buyers Lists for years… and them send it to you in the same countries.Now we are all adults and I want to do exactly what paypal requires for tracking…. and cheaply….>> Paypal Buyer – Seller Protection << I can probably send this cheaper than priority mail, but I do not have one to weigh out for postage costs–Please consider this before buying.

  6. T.J. I am surprised these Small Fry's are not flying out the door here….after the wife saw your photos, she wants one, I get to trade the wife for a 2009 Buzz Lightyear SDCC version with Andy on the foot

  7. Wait, wait, are you saying that you are trading the toys with your own wife?! 🙂 That's die hard if you guys don't even share the same collection! Ha!

  8. thats right T.J. she has had two of the 2009 SDCC ones for awhile, NOW I get one with andy on the foot

  9. Just ordered one!! Thanks so much for doing this! I was going crazy trying to ask people to pick one up for me and this works out perfect. Thanks again!


  11. Please remember that some of you OWE 5.00 on your Small Fry purchases. please contact me about this and I will send you inof for your additional payment

  12. T.J.: and Small Fry Buyers: Josie and I had a miscommunication about the extra 5.00 costs. We are going to work on this over the weekend together, she bought most of the Small Frys and we are going to be adding them to shipping. I had bought some Small Frys too and with the little sleep and who bought what, I personally made and error on sending out invoices to some of your readers – Josie's buyers / customers…. We will straighten this out amongst ourselves and send out corrected invoices. I am apologize for the mistake, it was mine alone.

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