D23 Expo Exclusive "Cars" Convoy Brother Set and Ridemakerz Blue Metallic Lightning McQueen

D23 Expo Convoy Brothers diecast Cars Set

Last week we created a detailed all-in-one post that highlighted the Pixar-related merchandise, screenings, panels, and more that you can experience at the 2013 D23 Expo. Today we wanted to post additional details regarding two Cars sets that are Expo exclusives. First, thanks to our reader, Kevin, we have additional details surrounding the blue metallic, 1:18 scale Lightning McQueen by Ridemakerz (plastic, not die-cast). The slick-looking Lightning McQueen will be priced at $75.00 USD and will be a limited edition of 500.

D23 Expo Ridermakerz Lightning McQueen

For fans of Ridemakerz, the car will come complete with:

  • 2013 Limited Edition Lightning McQueen Body 1:18 Scale
  • Blue 5 Bolt Rims
  • Lightyear Slickz Tires
  • Limited Edition D23 Spoiler
  • Working Lights and Sounds
  • Ridemakerz Freewheel Chassis
  • Featured in a collectible D23 Limited Edition Package (Approx. Height 5.75” width x 12” Depth 6.75” 1.75lbs)

For anyone that’s not familiar with the Cars scales – I have also attached a photo from my review of the 2011 D23 Expo Chrome Lightning McQueen.

Lightning McQueen Pixar Cars Scale Comparison

Finally, we are more than happy that the Cars Convoy Brothers die-cast 4-pack will be sold at this year’s Expo since this set has been rumored to have been released for the last several years. The Convoy set (The King fans) is a set of four RVs that come in a highly detailed and weathered Dinoco Motor Oil box. The set will be sold at the Disney Consumer Products Pavilion in the Mattel booth for $99.95 and doesn’t appear to be a limited edition set.

D23 Expo Pixar Cars Convoy Brothers Die-Cast Set

For more details and to watch a detailed unboxing of the set of The King’s biggest fans, check out this video by BluCollection.

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