‘Monsters at Work’ Deep-Dive Interview with Bobs Gannaway – Part 2 – Hidden Items, The Finale & Making-Of Insights

Monsters at Work Series Interview with Bobs Gannaway

The final episode of the Disney Television series, Monsters at Work, is upon us (streaming now on Disney+) and we’re excited to also share our part 2-of-2 interview with the show’s developer, Bobs Gannaway.

If you missed the first part of our interview with Bobs, you can watch that here, but in this session, we dive deeper into the hidden items that populate the backgrounds, additional details behind the production of the show, and a deep dive into the cliff-hanger (yet, closure) of the season.

If you haven’t watched the finale yet, be sure to do that before watching our interview (as there are some spoilers), but you can also watch a quick clip for the final episode as well if you want a quick teaser.

Watch our interview with Bobs embedded below or directly on our YouTube channel.

What did you think of the 2-part interview, leave a comment below (or on the YouTube video) – we’d love to hear if you’d like more deep-dive interviews like this.

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