SparkShorts ‘Twenty Something’ Behind the Scenes with Dir. Aphton Corbin (Easter Eggs, Music & More)

Twenty Something Pixar SparkShort Aphton Corbin Interview

Just the other day, we shared our thoughts on Pixar’s latest SparkShort, Twenty Somethingstreaming now on Disney+.

If you read our post, you know how much we enjoyed the short film – especially since the story is immediately relatable. Today, we wanted to share our 1-on-1 interview with Twenty Something writer and director, Aphton Corbin.

Watch our interview below (or on YouTube).

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During the interview, you heard us discuss the fantastically dreamy song by ASTU called “Hold the Line.” The dreamy song punctuates the confidence-filled wrap-up and credits of the film and we’re thrilled that Pixar has released the song on Apple MusicSpotify, and Amazon.

You’ll also hear us discuss the Easter Eggs which populate the film as well as the fantastic work that Phil Metschan(3D sets), Kyle Macnaughton (’60s and ’70s set design within the dance club), Andrew Jimenez (Compositing and lighting tests) as well as Lucas Pacheco (amazing model packets and details for each character). 

We hope some of the beautiful concept artwork that was shared in the presentation with Aphton is shared in the future. Lucas’ model packets were like a mini class on how to craft character designs – they were so stunning.


Finally, note that Aphton is also developing a feature film at Pixar currently. She was asked in a recent interview with Animation Scoop and she noted,

I am! Yeah! After the stress of making a short, I decided I wanted to do it again in a long format. I’m in development figuring out the feature process.

There are definitely a lot of great films in the works at Pixar with a large group of upcoming and established talent. We’re thrilled to see Aphton included in that group. 

What are your thoughts on Twenty Something? Chat about it with other fans in the Pixar Post Forum thread all about the short.

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