SparkShorts ‘Nona’ – A Grandmother, Granddaughter, Wresting, and a Sweet Story – Our Exclusive Interview and Review

Streaming Sept 17 on Disney+, the Pixar SparkShort, “Nona” is packed with wrestling and emotion between a Grandma and Granddaughter.
Pixar Short Film Nona Review

Pixar’s SparkShort, Nona, is the sweet story between a wrestling-loving Grandmother, an energetic Granddaughter, and the tense-yet-touching moment when their worlds collide.

Streaming exclusively on Disney+ on September 17, 2021, you’ll enter the apartment of a Grandmother (or Nona) who wants to enjoy some uninterrupted time watching wresting (for a very touching reason). At that moment, her Granddaughter changes things up as she doesn’t share the same affinity for wresting…yet.

Without giving too many things away, let’s just say that Nona gets a bit emotional when she isn’t able to watch her show, but, the story really starts to take off when the two characters find a way to come together and share their passions in an action-packed and sweet way. 

Pixar Nona Louis Gonzalez Director and Courtney Kent Producer

We loved the sticker-wielding granddaughter and how she (as kids often do), grabs Nona’s attention, all while the family dog watches and plays along as well. 

While you wait for Nona to stream on Disney+, check out our interview (embedded below) with Writer/Director, Louis Gonzales, and Producer, Courtney Casper Kent as we talk all about the short. We chat about Louis’ sketchbooks while developing the short, the Easter Eggs hidden throughout, and much more.

After seeing Nona, we couldn’t help feel like we’ve seen these characters somewhere previously. Check out Louis Gonzales’ Instagram post from 2019, where he actually shared a painting he did for an auction. Whoever bought that painting wasn’t aware at the time that they were characters who may have been the beginnings of the Granddaughter and dog in Nona. Of course, they’re not exactly the same in the short, but we found it very neat.

Pixar SparkShort Nona Concept Artwork

Be sure to watch Nona streaming exclusively on Disney+ starting September 17, 2021. Also, get ready, because the following week on September 24, a making-of SparkShorts film (titled A Spark Story) will be on Disney+ looking at how Nona and Twenty Something were made.

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