Watch the ‘Making of OUT’ — Including an Emotional Insight from Director Steven Clay Hunter

Watch the making of Pixar’s SparkShort, OUT with an emotional insight from director Steven Clay Hunter.
The Making of Pixar's Out

Pixar’s latest SparkShort film OUT showcases a storyline of finding yourself and sharing who you are with the world — no matter who you love. Acceptance is something that we should all embrace — remembering love is love, and OUT is full of love, equality, bravery, humor, and a little bit of magic. 

In a newly released ‘Making of OUT’ video, director Steven Clay Hunter shares a bit about his childhood, growing up in Canada and his fondness for watching The Twilight Zone (where anything can happen on the show) and shared that OUT”is sort of like a little gay Twilight Zone.” 

What we continue to love about the SparkShort program is that each filmmaker not only has their own individual approach to their story, but the artistic styling is always so unique between films. OUT gave us storybook feels, with the world being warm, soothing color tones — however, as soon as Greg’s parents arrive, the world inside the house shifts to a colder tone. We loved that once Greg realizes his parents have always known and accepted him for who he is, the world becomes warm and vibrant again.

Steven shared the storybook look of the film was indeed inspired by children’s books as he really likes the simpler look and that he could make mistakes and not have it be perfect, yet the story could still be told. We’re not sure what mistakes he thought he was going to make, because we absolutely love the simplistic yet beautiful look to the film.

As we shared in our detailed review of OUT, the SparkShorts program is no stranger when it comes to showcasing real-life scenarios and representation. We commend the entire OUT crew for showcasing a story that rings true to so many within the LGBTQ+ community, especially the loving embrace and kiss between both Greg and Manuel. Representation matters, and we have been flooded with messages since sharing news of this short with our readers. One reader even shared, “I feel so happy and represented right now!” 

Not only does representation matter to the audience, but it also matters to the filmmakers. We were flooded with emotions ourselves when Steven shared the moment he was able to draw two men in love, “You sit down and try to tell your own story, and you quickly realize, ‘WOW, I’ve never drawn two guys hugging one another and talking about love.’ Drawing that — I’ve worked here (Pixar) for 22 years, and I’ve never drawn that — like, I get so emotional when I think about it”.

Steven Clay Hunter in the Making of Out

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