The Heartfelt and Dance-Worthy Soundtrack for Pixar’s ‘Out’ is Available Now

Pixar’s Sparkshort short film, Out has been streaming on Disney+ for a while, but now you can dance your heart away to Jake Monaco’s Out Soundtrack.
Pixar Out Soundtrack Cover

OK, I have to say it — the soundtrack for Pixar’s latest SparkShort, Out, is out! Although my Dad-joke opening line may be a bad pun, the score for the film is definitely as joyful, action-packed, and dance-worthy as the short film itself. 

Officially released on July 3, 2020, the score features two tracks by Jake Monaco and one by Natasha Adorlee. Jake’s tracks supplement to the story wonderfully and start off with a sweet music-box-inspired theme…that is until Greg’s parents arrive setting the score on a set of jaunty twists and turns.

Jake Monaco Composer
Jake Monaco

Featuring PVC tubes being hit with paddles and hands slapping knees (literally), all of these elements (and many more) accompanied by a raucous drum solo set the short on a chaotic path while Greg and Jim battle to hide Greg’s secret relationship with Manuel. We love Jake’s work and this short is no exception — his creativity, levity, and heart always come through and the score and theme for Out is another great example of his ability to find the core of the story and elevate it further.

If Jake’s name is starting to sound familiar in regards to Pixar, it’s because he’s scored several recent projects from Forky Asks a Question (all episodes), and Lamp Life. If you haven’t listened yet, be sure to check out our interview with Jake on episode 069 of the Pixar Post Podcast.


  1. Burying the Bone (Jake Monaco) — 4:33
  2. OUT (Jake Monaco) — 0:52
  3. Pink & Purple (Natasha Adorlee) — 3:29

Of course, if you’ve seen the short, you know the catchy dance track at the beginning with short (where Gigi the cat and the dog come down the rainbow). You can now listen to Adorlee’s bass-driven song in its entirety and we totally recommend adding it to your workout mixes.


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In addition to being able to watch the entire Out short film (released on May 22, 2020) on Disney+, you can check out the soundtrack (available to stream or for purchase) on Apple MusicAmazonSpotify, and more.

Pixar Post — T.J.

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