Who Knew Making Flipbooks Could be so Easy — Director Pete Docter Shares Detailed Video Tutorial

Director Pete Docter shares a fun video tutorial showcasing how to make flipbooks.
Pete Docter

Chief Creative Officer of Pixar, Pete Docter shared a recent video tutorial on Pixar’s Facebook page on how to make a traditional flipbook. Docter who is the director of the upcoming Pixar film, Soul (set for a November 20, 2020, theatrical release), created the video tutorial for students with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

While standing inside a walk-in closet in his home, Docter shared that it was the quietest room in the house to make a video — being parents ourselves, we couldn’t help but giggle as that is such a true statement. What’s great about the tutorial is that Docter not only shares some of his more detailed flipbooks (past Christmas card creations) but showcases just how simple you can make your drawings to make a fun animation come to life with just a bouncy ball and/or simple figure sketch.

If you recall, Docter had previously edited a series of flipbooks showcasing the original Disney animators dubbed the “Nine Old Men”, which can be purchased online.

This is a great summer day project and we’re going to each try our hand at creating a flipbook, what about you? Be sure to share your flipbooks with us in the comments below, through email or tag us on our social media channels.

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