Pixar’s Newest SparkShort Titled ‘OUT!’ to Premiere on Disney+ May 22

Pixar’s seventh SparkShort film OUT! to premiere on Disney+ on May 22.
Jim the dog from Pixar's Out short film

The “Experimental Storytelling Initiative” within Pixar called SparkShorts has given us six fantastic short films, Smash and Grab, Purl, Kitbull, Float, Wind, and Loop. Today, producer David Lally announced (via Twitter) that the seventh SparkShort film, titled OUT!, will premiere on Disney+ May 22.

We have been anticipating news surrounding the next SparkShort for some time and couldn’t be happier that we will soon have a new short film to dive into. If you recall with each SparkShort film, there is always a unique artistic style showcased, and that seems to have definitely carried through with OUT!. From what we can see in the released still image (pictured above), the world appears to have a beautiful warm painterly style, with a dog clutching a familiar squeak toy in his mouth. Upon first glance, we were immediately reminded of paintings done by Sharon Calahan, director of photography at Pixar Animation Studios.

At the time of this posting, there has yet to be an official announcement on the film synopsis or filmmaker details. However, we have our thoughts and speculations on filmmakers, including that another upcoming SparkShort may be directed by story artist Maddie Sharafian. As during our most recent visit to Pixar, when we attended a SparkShorts panel, it was announced that Sharafian was currently working on her own SparkShort film.

While it is just speculation at this point until Pixar makes their official announcement, we are just excited to see another new Pixar filmmaker’s point of view. Be sure to share your thoughts on the newly announced SparkShort film with other Pixar fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

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