25th Anniversary Pixar-Themed Socks from STANCE Now Available

Celebrating Pixar’s 25th Anniversary of their first theatrical release, STANCE and Pixar have teamed up to create a casual, and fun collection of socks themed after some of Pixar’s greatest films.
Big Box of Seven Pixar Socks

Can you believe it’s been 25 years since Pixar released Toy Story in theaters in 1995? Whew! To celebrate this marker, Pixar has teamed up with STANCE to release a collection of bold, fun, and comfy socks themed after some of Pixar’s best films to date.

Of course, we’re always thrilled when any new (and different) Pixar-themed merchandise is released — we ordered five pairs in various sizes as soon as they were available (released at Noon ET on April 28). Check out images of the socks below featuring the Green Army Men from Toy Story, WALL•E, or even the “Big Box” set which features an exclusive Pixar Ball design (and includes a secret design, and two pins).

Pixar-themed socks from STANCE
Pixar-themed socks and pins from STANCE

So, the big box comes with seven pairs of socks and the description on STANCE’s site mentions that there is a secret character included in the pack. Since the Pixar Ball socks are exclusive to the set and there is a Luxo pin, we’re going to take a guess that the secret character is Guinevere from Onward to match the other pin included in the set — what do you guys think?

Pick up your pairs on STANCE’s site now.

Updated 2x – (The Big Box is now sold out) It was noted that the Big Box was not showing for some people on mobile search and we confirmed that as well. If you’re looking for the Big Box, here’s a direct link.

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