Shed a Tear or Two by Watching Pixar’s ‘Float’ — Now Available on Disney+

Pixar’s fourth-released SparkShort film, Float, directed by Bobby Rubio will have you shedding a tear with a beautiful message to kids of all kinds.
Pixar Float Screenshot

With the release of Disney+, comes the release of Pixar’s latest Sparkshort, Float. Directed by Bobby Rubio, Floatfeatures Pixar’s first Filipino American main characters with a heartfelt message that is close to Rubio’s heart. In our most recent visit to Pixar Animation Studios, we attended a Sparkshorts panel discussion with the filmmakers of Float, Kitbull, Purl, and Smash and Grab. It was during that panel that Rubio shared how the storyline of Float is based on his own personal story with his son.

After our screening of the film (while at Pixar), we were overcome with emotion. Being a parent ourselves and wanting to feel like your child fits in with other kids could be a worry — however, allowing them to be their true selves is a journey that is beyond beautiful, and the filmmakers of Float captured that flawlessly. One thing we have always told our son from a young age is, “everybody’s different, and that makes everybody special.” 

What’s great about Pixar storytelling is that no matter how personal the film is for the director, the entire team always manages to tug at your heartstrings and allow you to draw out your own personal connection to the film, and that is exactly what Float did for us.

Float follows the journey of a father accepting that his young son may not be like all the other kids in the neighborhood. At first, the father is in awe of his son’s difference, but at a second glance, when neighbors come into frame that awe turns to fear/embarrassment as the father hides and stifles his son’s unique and different abilities. Towards the end of the film, there is a symbolic gesture of acceptance and understanding as the father allows his son to soar or should we say ‘float.’

At the end of the film, director Bobby Rubio had a special title card dedicated to his son, Alex (see below).

Pixar Float Bobby Rubio Dedication Screen

You can now stream the four released Sparkshorts Float, Kitbull, Purl, and Smash and Grab on Disney+.

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