What Makes ‘You…YOU? Watch the First Awe-Inspiring Teaser Trailer for Pixar’s ‘Soul’

Watch the first awe-inspiring teaser trailer for Pixar’s upcoming June 2020 film, Soul.
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In Pixar’s upcoming (June 2020) film, Soul, the filmmakers will have you thinking about what brings out the “real you…the brilliant and passionate YOU”! Watch the awe-inspiring teaser trailer below and ask yourself “What do you want to be remembered for”? 

You know that feeling you get when you hear a certain song or familiar tune — when music can give you chills in the best way possible? Well, that is what we are experiencing while watching the first teaser trailer for Soul, endless chills. Not only is the music on-point (as well as the narrative by Jamie Foxx, the voice of Joe Gardner), but the visuals and the lighting showcased within the trailer is like a love-letter to everyone in the animation industry, it is absolutely stunning.

The narrative behind the trailer was surprisingly unexpected and just what we needed to hear. It’s not often that inspirational quotes have an effect on us, however, we have watched this teaser trailer about 30-times already and cannot get enough of what is sure to be an incredible script.

What would you want to be known for on earth? We only have a short time on this planet. You want to become the person you were born to be. Don’t waste your time on all the junk of life. Spend your precious hours doing what will bring out the real you…the brilliant and passionate you, that’s ready to contribute something meaningful into this world.


Join us LIVE (to take place November 7, at 10:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM PT) to discuss and breakdown the trailer on our Pixar Post YouTube channel. Additionally, you can discuss even more about the latest teaser trailer on the Pixar Post Forum thread all about Soul.

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