Is Kristen Lester (Director of ‘Purl’) Developing a New Feature Film at Pixar?

Is Kristen Lester, the director of ‘Purl’ directing a new feature film at Pixar Animation Studios? We think so!
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Kristen Lester

This past February, when the SparkShorts film, Purl debuted, director Kristen Lester and her team made us connect to a bubbly pink ball of yarn, who tried everything to fit in with a male-dominated office environment. The PG-rated SparkShort film was innovative, and a bit edgy as the storyline mirrored Lester’s own experiences as a young female artist working in the animation industry.

Recently, Lester returned to Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada (where she graduated from their animation program in 2004), to share her insights with a group of animation students. She revealed that she has wrapped on being Head of Story on Pete Docter’s film, Soul, and is currently developing another movie at Pixar. While no obvious details were shared, we can say with confidence that Lester’s voice and her point-of-view are strong indicators that she could be in-fact directing one of the upcoming untitled Pixar feature films.

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During the discussion, when asked about the mature content of Purl, Lester noted —

I think the adult part of it is just who I am as a person and as a storyteller. It’s an interesting thing to wrestle with. Am I more of a South Park-style animator? I don’t think I’m as bold or as brave as those people. But I don’t think I’m a completely G-rated person either. I’m still in the process of figuring out what I’m about. With Purl, I was kind of unconsciously making choices. Now, I’m looking back at those choices and asking myself if that was part of my self-expression, or was it just the right fit for that particular story? I’m in a weird self-analysis place about that stuff. I think it means I’m looking too hard.”

As she noted, Lester is still in the process of figuring out what she’s about. We couldn’t think of a more truthful response, as we’re all in a perpetual state of figuring out who we are, and where we’re going as we continue to grow and evolve with time and experience. Again, while nothing has been confirmed, we can only hope to see a Pixar feature film, directed by Kristen Lester. What are your thoughts on the potential news? Be sure to share with other Pixar fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

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