Comparing the New Mattel ‘Tin Toy’ Tinny Featured in ‘Toy Story 4’ to The 2011 SDCC MINDstyle Tinny

Mattel’s new Tinny 7″ figure from the Toy Story 4 film is wonderful. Take a closer look as compared to the MINDstyle Tinny release from the 2011 SDCC.
Mattel Tinny Tin Toy for Toy Story 4

After the first full-length Toy Story 4 trailer was released online in March, fans immediately noticed a familiar face inside the antique store — Tinny from Tin Toy. It’s always great to see reused elements, characters, and easter eggs from prior films, but the nod to Tinny resonated with fans because of the historical nature of the toy. And, could there be a better place to have a classic tin toy show up than in an antique store?

Tinny in Toy Story 4 Easter egg

We were even more excited when on April 30, a version of Tinny showed up online as an addition to the new Toy Story 4 Mattel seven-inch line of figures. We were surprised since Tinny doesn’t appear on any of the backs of the box art. Although we have looked at a few stores locally, we only have found him on Walmart’s website (purchase link below the video) for $9.97. We chose free in-store pickup and Tinny arrived two days later in-store!

Take a look at our close-up video on highlighting the Mattel Tinny compared to the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con release MINDstlye brand Tinny.


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Pick up the Mattel (7″ line) Tinny at Walmart or on eBay. You can also get the MINDstyle 2011 SDCC Tinny release on eBay as well (these regularly go for $300, so keep a close eye out for good deals).

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