Take a Peek at 25 Different ‘Toy Story 4’ Themed Books — The Art of Toy Story 4, Storybooks, Coloring Books & More

The first and largest wave of Toy Story 4 books came out. Take a look as we preview 25 of the books.
Toy Story 4 Book Review

Leading up to a Pixar film’s release in theaters there are two days that we always look forward to — the toy release and the first wave of book releases (May 7). We were excited to scour the shelves and see what we could find today at Barnes & Noble, Target, and more.

From the always-essential, The Art of Toy Story 4, to the Toy Story 4 Junior Novelization, or even the Toy Story 4 Little Golden Book, we dive in and offer a spoiler-free look at 25 different titles released today. We always make sure to note that you probably won’t want to read the books prior to the film hitting theaters on June 21, 2019 — otherwise, you’ll reveal the dramatic and potentially emotional ending. 

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When we preview the books, we show just a few pages so you get a sense for the artwork and style of the book to see which ones you’d like to order. That being said, there are a few books that you could purchase ahead of time that wouldn’t reveal the ending — Bonnie’s First Day of School, as well as Forky in Craft Buddy Day. These two books are original stories that contain the characters of the film but don’t follow the official storyline.

Watch our video preview below (or directly on our YouTube channel) — Links to purchase the books, as well as the timecodes in the video, are listed in the video description on YouTube (as well as below the video in this post). Finally, our Top 5 favorite books are notated with *** after the timecode — we can’t recommend these books enough.

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