Duke Caboom — Canada’s Greatest Stuntman ‘Toy Story 4’ TV Spot — “t’s a Commercial, I Can’t Jump That High”

In the new Toy Story 4 TV Spot, we get a look at the commercial for the 70’s action figure, Duke Caboom. So, what leads to all the consternation?
Duke Caboom Toy Story 4 Closeup

Who’s the Canuck with all the luck? Duke Caboom may be Canada’s greatest stuntman, but the 1970’s-inspired action figure may fall short of playtime expectations. Check out this new 30-second TV Spot which gives a look at Duke Caboom in all his commercialized glory. Watch as his over-the-top commercial pictures him soaring high in the sky with a trail of (amazingly animated) flags training behind him.

We already knew that Duke was a little bent on the fact that he couldn’t live up to the expectations of his kid, but now we get to see why. Duke (voiced by Keanu Reeves) passionately proclaims, “It’s a commercial…it’s not real…I can’t jump that far!” Check out the full high-res version of the commercial on our YouTube channel (or embedded below).

Is anyone else getting a sense of the “I will go sailing no more” moment with Buzz in the first Toy Story when Duke is all twisted on the ground (with the above shot)? He too is not living up to his expectations of high-flying fun as shown in his commercial.

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