Beautiful New Poster for the SparkShorts Film, ‘Loop’ Revealed

Stunning new poster for the SparkShorts film, Loop revealed.
Pixar SparkShorts Loop Poster

Since the January 2019 announcement of SparkShorts, the “Experimental Storytelling Initiative” within Pixar, the three now released films (PurlSmash & Grab and Kitbull) have garnered over 40-million views on YouTube. With its fresh perspective of storytelling, this is a bold mark within the studio that shows the company is not standing still. “We created an opportunity for artists to show us some new ideas by doing a low-budget project of their own,” stated Pixar Animation Studios President, Jim Morris.

Today, Pixar SparkShorts Production Lead David Lally shared a new poster for Loop (shown above), one of three upcoming SparkShorts films that will be heading to Disney+ (launching this November). If you recall, Pixar previously released the first poster for Loop (shown below) earlier this year.

Loop, follows a non-verbal, autistic girl and a chatty boy who are partnered together on a canoeing trip. To complete their journey across an urban lake, they must both learn how the other experiences the world. The film is directed by Erica Milsom and produced by Krissy Cababa and Michael Warch, along with supervising TD and lighting DP Danielle Feinberg.

Pixar Loop Poster

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