Bo Peep Rescues RC in New ‘Toy Story 4’ Flash-Back Clip (Premiered on Good Morning America)

In a new Toy Story 4 clip revealed on Good Morning America today, we see a flash-back scene in which Bo Peep orchestrates a rescue of R.C.
Bo Peep lowering her crook in Toy Story 4 clip

We know that Bo Peep takes a more central and commanding role in Toy Story 4, but in this brief, yet action-packed clip staged in Molly’s room (Andy’s Sister), we see Bo Peep orchestrating the beginnings of R.C.’s rescue from the treacherous rain.

The flash-back scene also has some great humor interjected as we find out the names of Bo Peep’s sheep — Billy, Goat, and Gruff, most likely named as a throwback to the mid-1800’s Norwegian fairy tale. Woody’s delivery of, “They have names?” gave us a good chuckle and we can’t wait for more surprises from Bo along the way.

Along with the clip, Bo’s vocal actor, Annie Potts discusses her origins of coming into the role and clarifies that Bo Peep makes a choice between Woody and Buzz. Side note — it has to be Woody, right? I mean, Jessie and Buzz are already a thing and Woody was her original love. 

Finally, we were also thrilled to get a glimpse of the new Bo Peep toys and her updated look. Check out the full clip embedded above or directly on Good Morning America’s YouTube.

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