‘Toy Story 4’ Clip Shown at the 2019 Disney Annual Meeting of Shareholders Offers New Details

At the 2019 Disney Annual Shareholder Meeting in St. Louis today (Mar 7), a new clip of Toy Story 4 was shown – read the details here.
Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Carnival zip tie

At the Disney Annual Meeting of Shareholders, today, Bob Iger shared many exciting details surrounding the 2019 Disney film slate — as well as some exciting Disney+ news we’ll touch on as well. During the presentation, clips were shown of all of the upcoming films, including Toy Story 4.

Although we were not able to be in attendance, a user on Twitter, Scott Ladewig, shared his thoughts on the clip shown. We took the liberty of changing spelling and grammatical errors since Mr. Ladewig was tweeting quickly — his summary is below, but it should be noted that the description below does contain spoilers — so please don’t read on if you’re avoiding spoilers.

Toy Story 4 Bo Peep with Woody

Scott noted, “Bonnie makes Forky at school, Woody introduces him to everyone. They go on a road trip in an RV, Forky escapes because he wants to be a spork, not a toy. Woody and Buzz go after him. Woody spots Bo in an antique shop, he goes in, creepy doll in baby carriage says he can’t leave and sends super creepy ventriloquist dummies after Woody and Bo. Woody seems to be torn between making Bonnie happy as a toy and staying with Bo at a carnival. Woody explains to Forky in a scene walking down the road that he can bring happiness to Bonnie — he’s her favorite too — that’s what gives him life.  Buzz and others go to bring Woody back. Also a quick scene showing Duke Caboom.”

So, what do you think? Will this be the next trailer that hits — it sure sounds like a trailer that may reveal a hefty amount about the plot. Is this the emotional ending that Tom Hanks and Tim Allen have hinted at? Leave a comment below, or chat about it with other Pixar fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

Disney+ Logo

Finally, we were also excited to learn more about the Disney+ streaming service which will be available by the end of 2019. The streaming service will not only be the home of the upcoming Monsters, Inc. themed series, but Mr. Iger also mentioned that the service will combine, “Library product (movies and television), with a lot of original product as well (movies and television) and at some point, fairly soon after launch, it will house our entire Disney motion picture library.” He went on to note that the Disney Animated films that have traditionally been kept in a vault, will also be included in the service. 

This is exciting because if there are any Pixar films that you don’t already have, a subscription to the service would remedy those missing items. It is yet to be seen though if all of the behind-the-scenes and other amazing extras included on Pixar’s in-home disc releases will also be included. It should also be noted that, at this point, a streaming service is still not as high of quality (visually and audibly) as the physical disc — so, for the best image and sound, you’d still want to pick up the disc.

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