Podcast #63: Are Pixar Short Films Still Happening, Toy Story 4 News, SparkShorts & More

In Episode 63 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we discuss Pixar’s SparkShorts, if short films for feature films will continue and Toy Story 4 news.
Pixar Post Podcast Toy Story 4 News

In Episode 63 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we discuss Pixar’s SparkShorts (and offer our thoughts on PurlSmash & Grab, and Kitbull). In addition, we discuss if Pixar will continue to release short films along with theatrical feature-length films — especially since we haven’t heard anything about a short film attached to Toy Story 4 and with the advent of SparkShorts.

We also discuss the latest Toy Story 4 news and when the next trailer will be released (the one that’s been rumored since January). We also dive in and discuss the trailer which was shown at the Disney Annual Shareholder Meeting, the upcoming book releases, and toy releases. Also, we chat about the possibility of starting a Patreon page, we expand on the return of our podcast, and how to listen to the episode with chapters to easily skip spoiler sections (if you’re avoiding spoilers).


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