Watch The Incredible Family Try and Stop the Underminer’s Drill from Destroying Municiberg (1-Minute Clip)

Check out this 1-minute clip from the opening sequence of “Incredibles 2” as the family tries hard to stop the Underminer’s drill.
Mr Incredible Incredibles 2

Entertainment Weekly has posted a new clip (just about a minute in length) that gives us a peek into the opening sequence of Incredibles 2. In this scene, the Underminer’s drill has burst to the surface and is destroying the streets as it steamrolls across the heavily developed city of Municiberg. It’s up to the Incredible family to try and restore order — but how can they when they’re still illegal?

Watch as the family tries to divide and conquer the massive 6-sided drill directly on EW’s site (it will more than likely be uploaded to YouTube later this evening by Pixar and we’ll be sure to update it then). 

UNDERMINER FUN FACT – in the first movie, the Underminer’s drill had five sides, but the team had to redesign the drill to make it able to roll through the streets without toppling over constantly (Pixar didn’t need to worry about the drill being able to roll in the first film since it was only used to breach the surface).

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The other callout from this clip is that it also gives us a listen to Michael Giacchino’s wonderful new score — so far it sounds like an even jazzier upbeat version of the spy-themes we loved from the first film. Pre-order the soundtrack on Amazon now.

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