Zillow Reveals New Details and Photos of The Parr Family Home in Celebration of the Release of “Incredibles 2”

Zillow and Pixar Animation Studios partner for a unique collaboration to view details of the Parr Family Home in Incredibles 2.
Incredibles 2 house images from Zillow

When we last left the Parr Family in The Incredibles, their home had been destroyed leaving them to find a new mid-century abode for the “incredible” family of supers. In celebration of the theatrical release of Incredibles 2Zillow has partnered with Pixar Animation Studios to showcase a listing of the new Parr family home, complete with photos, features, and so many details to amp up excitement for the upcoming film.

Our favorite room from the Parr Family listing would have to be the master bedroom with the wood-paneled walls, the brass textured wall art, the peeks of blue sky from the ceiling, and the lighting of the room — oh, the LIGHTING! Take a peek at all of the amazing photos below and share your favorite room from the new house with us in the comments.

This home is the complete package for a truly incredible family.

Pixar Post — Julie & T.J.

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