Take a Peek at Voyd’s Powers from ‘Incredibles 2’ in a Brand New Video Clip

Take a look at a new video clip showcasing new super, Voyd and her powers.
Incredibles 2 Voyd Powers

In a brand new sneak peek of Incredibles 2, actress Sophia Bush gives us an inside look at her character, Voyd. The short 40-second clip features a few new snippets of animation showcasing Voyd’s powers, as another “wannabe super”, Brick looks on in amazement. If you recall, Voyd is an overeager mega-fan of Elastigirl and her superpower (as showcased in the clip below) is the ability to divert and manipulate objects around her by creating voids that allow the objects to appear and disappear.

Did you happen to spot the rest of the supers in the clip? The want-to-be (or, “wannabe”) second-rate supers who team up with the Deavor’s to help bring supers back — if only they could be as helpful as the Incredibles family themselves.

  • SCREECH sports big owl-like eyes and a head that rotates 360 degrees. He can fly, thanks to a pair of wings he made to complete his look, but his real power is a high-pitched screech that can break glass. 
  • HE-LECTRIX can shoot lightning bolts from his fingertips. He’s high voltage, so it’s best to steer clear. 
  • REFLUX is a senior who has the unsettling superpower of heaving hot lava, which helps him break into some of the most secure locales. Fun Fact — although this character heaves hot lava, his name was originally GERD beause that is the technical term for acid reflux. His name was later changed to reflux since GERD was a little too “on the nose.” Now you know what the hot lava he’s spewing is — eww! 
  • BRICK is super tough with mega muscles and a fearless spirit that showcases her strong name. 
  • KRUSHAUER has the power of telekinesis. This guy can crush a car without even laying a hand on it. Fun Fact— the concept art below shows a “C” on Krushauer, however in The Art of Incredibles 2 the concept art shows a “K”.
Incredibles 2 Wannabe Superheroes

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