Lee Unkrich Holds Second Impromptu Twitter Q&A Session to Discuss ‘Coco’

Lee Unkrich holds impromptu twitter question and answer session regarding Coco.
Lee Unkrich Twitter

Today while traveling to his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, director Lee Unkrich decided to take part in an impromptu question-and-answer session on Twitter to discuss the film, Coco.

For nearly 3-hours, Unkrich shared many interesting tidbits about the production of the film – including a fun reveal that he indeed animated a shot on the film. Though Unkrich shared detailed information on some points of the film, he was cautious not to include any spoilers in his answers, as the film has yet to open in all markets.

Below is a summary of some of Lee’s most interesting responses (in our opinion).

In total, Lee answered over 100 questions during his travels, and we were thrilled that three of our questions were answered – though we would’ve loved to have asked more as Coco has quickly become one of our favorite Pixar films.

Which of Lee’s responses were the most interesting to you? Leave a comment below or chat about them in the Pixar Post Forum with other Pixar fans.

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