‘Coco’ Update: Concept Artwork by Sharon Calahan & John Ratzenberger’s Inclusion

Check out this wonderful Coco concept artwork by veteran Pixar employee, Sharon Calahan – and John Ratzenburger’s inclusion in Coco as well,
Sharon Calahan Coco Concept Art

In a recent interview with EmpireCoco Director, Lee Unkrich not only shared some of the inspiration behind his upcoming film, but also included some wonderful concept artwork by Sharon Calahan, and even a quick note about John Ratzenberger (who voices a character in every Pixar film).

When discussing the colorful, familial, and celebratory film, Lee noted, “It’s not about wallowing in the negativity of death. We don’t often think about the people who were in our family long ago and who still, in subtle ways, influence who we are. What would we ask them? That was one of my early notions [for this story].”

We were also thrilled to hear that John Ratzenberger would make his appearance in the film. Although Unkrich didn’t reveal who his character is, he did reassure his inclusion, “He’ll be the only non-Latino in the entire film.”

Coco Ratzenberger Easter Egg Announced

Sharon’s concept artwork never ceases to amaze us either — her wonderful backgrounds always have as much attention paid to them as the foreground and her ability to provide such realistic lighting to a static image is wonderful.

Sharon’s positioning of the characters and lighting also leads your eye right to Miguel in the middle of his conversation. We can’t wait to see more concept artwork from Sharon and the rest of the Coco crew.

Check out additional details in the complete Empire interview on newsstands now. Coco hits theaters on October 27 (in Mexico) and November 22 (in the United States).

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