Exclusive Look: Pixar-Themed Disney Store Merchandise Launching at the 2017 D23 Expo

With the 2017 D23 Expo right around the corner, we couldn’t be happier to share an exclusive look at some of the merchandise offered for sale.
2017 D23 Expo Merchandise

With the 2017 D23 Expo just days away, the excitement is continuing to build about what Pixar-related film news will be announced.

But, one of the best things about the D23 Expo is not just the project announcements, it’s also the rush of new merchandise that will be released. Throughout the Expo, the Disney Store Shop is one of the most coveted stores to attend and often has some of the most exciting new products.

Pixar Post is excited to offer an exclusive sneak peek at some of the Pixar-themed merchandise which will be on shelves.

With a strong focus on Pixar’s famed concept artwork, we’re sure fans will love the broad coverage of films and product selections, such as apparel, messenger bag, and sketchbook. Be sure to stay tuned to our site throughout the event as well for news coverage as well as additional product announcements.

2017 D23 Expo Pixar Coasters and Canvases


  • Canvas Artwork Set (Limited to an Edition Size of 300) – $99.95
  • Sketchbook – $24.95
  • Messenger Bag – $39.95
  • Water bottle – $19.95
  • Buzz Raglan – $24.95
  • Inside Out Tee – $27.95

Which product from the sneak peek do you like the most? We absolutely love the 12-piece canvas set (limited edition of 300) and the sketchbook with inspirations on every page.

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