Miguel’s Skeletal Transformation Seen in the Latest Latin American ‘Coco’ Trailer (with Translation)

In the latest Pixar Coco trailer, we get a look at some additional characters as well as more of the plot details for the film – check it out here.
Coco Screencap Abuelita with Chancla

The latest trailer for Pixar’s Coco has just dropped, and it does a great job setting up the plot further — highlighting the struggle Miguel will face in his desire to pursue music. At the same time, his family reiterates, “no mas musica” (no more music).

The trailer, uploaded to Disney’s Latin American YouTube channel, starts with Miguel creating his version of Ernesto de la Cruz’s famed skull guitar and quickly transports us into the land of the dead. 

The trailer also does a great job introducing characters and made us laugh seeing Miguel’s face painted as a skeleton (and trying to walk like a skeleton) to help him blend into the land of the dead better.

We know from the plot description that Miguel needs to get back to the land of the living before the holiday ends (or he’ll be stuck there), but this is the first time we get a glimpse of Miguel’s bones in his hand as the transformation starts. 

It was also fantastic seeing how spunky, and quirky Miguel’s Abuelita is in the film — watch out of that slipper! Be sure to catch up on even more character descriptions in our previous post as well
Thanks to Forum user Luis, he has translated the trailer for those that don’t speak Spanish.

Share your thoughts with other Pixar fans in the Coco forum thread.

(0:08) Big orange sentence says “In Every Family.”

(0:11) Miguel says, “Hurry up, Dante, someone could hear me.” Of course, referring to the guitar.

(0:13) Big orange sentence reads, “There’s always someone.”

(0:15) Miguel says, “I know it’s bad that I love music, but it’s not my fault; music runs through my veins. I’M GOING TO BE A MUSICIAN!”

(0:21) Big orange sentence reads, “Different than the rest.”

(0:24) Miguel’s grandma says, “Musicians are selfish and irresponsible!”

And then the grandma says “No Music” to every person she sees playing an instrument.

(0:35) Miguel says, “I think we’re the only family in Mexico that hates music.”

(0:42) Miguel’s grandma: “The day of the dead has begun. Today, family is all that matters.”

(0:45) Sweet woman’s voice says, “Your ancestors can lead you to what you’re looking for.”

(0:50) Miguel: “I wish that someone could help me reach my dreams.”

(Dialogue you’ve already heard in other trailers.)

(1:33) Skeleton dressing Miguel: “Look! A boy who’s alive!”

(1:36) Miguel: “I’m turning into a skeleton!!”

(1:39) Hector: “You have to get back before sunrise! I’ll help you!”

(1:40) Miguel: “This is you?”

(1:42) Hector: “So handsome, eh?”

(1:46) Miguel: All my life, there’s always been something inside of me, something that made me different.”

(1:50) Assumed Ernesto Cruz: “It’s impossible to deny that you’ve come to the world.”

(2:02) Hector: “What are you doing:”

(2:04) Miguel: “I’m walking like a skeleton so I can appear the same.”

(2:05) Hector: “No, skeletons don’t walk like that!”

(2:07) Miguel: “That’s how you walk!”

(2:09) Hector: “It’s not true!! That’s enough!”

(2:11) Miguel: “My family and I can have our differences. But we stay together because nothing is more important than the people you love.”

(2:21) Miguels Grandma: “Ahhh poor child, are you Ok? Mijo?”

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