‘Cars 3’ Final Trailer & NASCAR Clip Featuring Chick Hicks, Natalie Certain and Danny Swervez

Danny Swervez and Chick Hicks make an appearance in a NASCAR featurette looking at the technology of the sport and how it translated into Cars 3.
Natalie Certain and Chick Hicks

Late last week the one-minute final trailer for Cars 3 was released backed by the classic rock sounds of the Eagles track, “Take it to the Limit”. Sally urges McQueen to not fear failure while the lyrics mirror her sentiment to, “take it to the limit one more time”. We couldn’t agree more, give it one more try Lightning and we’re rooting for you all the way.

The second video (UPDATED now only on NASCAR’s site) is a featurette released on NASCAR’s site which looks at the technology of the sport and how the simulator has changed how drivers train.

Of course, the simulator lends itself to some gags as Lightning isn’t quite ready for the next-gen level of training in the film — but, we’re sure he’ll catch on. Finally, we were excited to see one additional snippet of Danny Swervez noting, “name’s Danny, Bro”, to a befuddled McQueen.

Danny Swervez Cars 3

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