Watch the First Clip of Pixar’s Newest Short ‘Lou’ and Meet J.J.

Watch and exclusive clip from EW from Pixar’s newest short film, Lou.
Lou Pixar short with JJ

Pixar’s upcoming short film featuring the self-titled character, Lou, is officially out of his box —well, almost. Since the first teaser, we have been eager to learn, “who is Lou”? How would this creature clad in a red hoodie with baseball eyes and a mischievous grin move around?

Today, Pixar released a first-look clip from the six-minute short showcasing just how Lou maneuvers around in his Lost and Found bin, reuniting school kids with some of their lost items during recess. With everything seemingly idyllic on the playground, Lou smiles on – until we meet the toy-snatching J.J. who may just get Lou out of his box.

Watch the clip embedded below.

If you recall, back on February 10, director Dave Mullins attended the Social Media Moms Celebration where he announced that the composer for Lou would be Christophe Beck (previously composed Frozen). This first-look clip of Lou not only has us excited with the storyline, animation techniques, and camera work but for the playful musical notes that encompass the film.

Be sure to watch Lou ahead of Cars 3 in theaters on June 16, 2017.

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