‘Cars 3’ Vocal Booth Sessions, Cast & Crew Interviews, Scoring Sessions and More Behind the Scenes

Ge behind the scenes of Cars 3 in this series of vocal booth sessions, cast & crew interviews and watch as Randy Newman scores a portion of the film.
Cars 3 Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes of Cars 3 and dive into the inspiration and backstory of the film which re-explores the heart of Cars, paired with the history of NASCAR racing, and more. In the first video, watch vocal actors from Owen Wilson to Cristela Alonzo work their magic in the vocal booth while Pixar crew members from all areas dig into the challenges they faced while crafting the film.

In the second video, listen in as some of the legends of NASCAR (Junior Johnson, Richard Perry, Ray Evernham) and the rookies of the sport (Ryan Laney, Daniel Suárez, Bubba Wallace) chat about their love of the film and how the sport of racing has evolved.

Please note that some of the footage may contain spoilers. Watch the videos embedded below or directly on our Pixar Post YouTube channel.

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